Characteristics Fresh TOPW
pH 12.3±0.4
TSS (g/l) 1.09±0.13
CODs (g/l)                   17.2± 3.2
Color (OD 390nm) 4.86±0.33
Reducing  sugars (g/l) 3.31 ±0.18
TKN (g/l) 0.69 ± 0.05
TP (mg gallic acid/l) 506.9±38
Data are reported as mean ± standard deviation of results carried out in triplicate TS: total solids; TSS: total suspended solids; CODs: soluble chemical oxygen demand; TKN: total Kjeldahl nitrogen;TP: total phenolic compounds
Table 1: Main characteristics of used wastewaters in this work.