Media Agricultural Residential Brownfield
Plate Count Agar 5.02x105 (1.2 x102) 2.54x105 (4.5x102) 6.86x105 (3.2x102)
ACT 4.62x105 (8.2x102) 7.1x105 (2.2x102) 1.38x106 (3.2x102)
SDA 2.28x105 (1.93x102) 4.48x104 (8.94x102) 1.24x105 (7.54x102)
Table 2: Microbiological plating-based results.
Values shown represent mean colony counts of eight replicates, which were not significantly (p>0.05) different across the sampling times (Fall, Winter, Spring, & Summer). Plate count agar for total chemoheterotrophic bacteria; ACT = actinomycete agar, for soilborne actinomycetes; SDA = Sabouraud dextrose agar for total molds and yeasts. Standard deviations are in parentheses.