Bacterial Genus Agricultural Residential Brownfield
Acinetobacter 5.30x101 1.16x102 1.27x106
Alcaligenes 1.43x107 5.56x1013 8.23x104
Arthrobacter 6.84x107 5.32x1012 4.00x108
Bacillus 1.80x1013 3.06x1017 2.61x1010
Flavobacterium 3.35x1025 7.68x1011 1.72x103
Pseudomonas None detected 3.00x105 2.37x105
Table 4: qRT-PCR based determination of specific mRNA transcript copies per gram of soil to ascertain viable cell densities from each bacterial genus in this study according to treated soil type. Values are the mean value from triplicate samples analyzed using SYBR Green-based standard curves as described in Materials and Methods.