Wavenumber (cm-1) Assignment Band numbers
1738/1734 C=O stretching vibration in acetyl groups on hemicelluloses 1
1655 C=O stretch in conjugated carbonyl groups 2
1593 Aromatic skeletal vibration plus C=O stretch 3
1372 Aliphatic C–H stretch in CH3 4
1268 Guaiacyl ring breathing, C–O stretch in lignin and C–O linkage in guiacyl aromatic methoxyl groups 5
1240 Syringyl ring and C–O stretching vibration in lignin, xylan and ester groups 6
1050 C–O stretch in cellulose and hemicellulose 7
1035 C–O deformations in primary alcohols, aromatic C–H in-plane deformation 8
896 C–H deformation vibration in cellulose 9
Table 1: FTIR bands that have been assigned to different wood components. Numbers in the table refer to the numbers assigned to the bands in Figure 4.