Bacterial Isolate GenBank accession numbers Species name Identity (%)
H1 KJ495778 Bacillusthuringiensis strain ex4 99 (KF317874.1)
H2 KJ495781 Bacilluscereus strain KLU101 94 (KF840793.1)
H3 KJ495785 Sphingomonasrhizogenes 99 (JF276901.1)
H4 KJ495782 Bacillussp. 99 (HQ238483.1)
H5 KJ495783 Bacilluscereus 99 (KF475795.1)
H6 KJ495784 Bacilluscereus strain DBT3ST4 100 (GU122949.1)
H7 KJ495786 Alphaproteobacterium 94 (JX438848.1)
H8 KJ495787 Sphingomonassp. 99 (KC886759.1)
H9 KJ495779 Pseudomonassp. BAB-3167 98 (KF984465.1)
H10 KJ495777 Pseudomonasputida 99 (KC999877.1)
H11 KJ495780 Pseudomonassp. 94 (KF984465.1)
H12 KJ495776 Pseudomonassp. 87 (KF984465.1)
Table 4: Bacterial strain identification using 16S rRNA sequencing and GenBank accession numbers of the DNA sequences.