CaCO3 ratez (g/pot)   Corn top yield (g/pot)y
Ca1 Peat shrimp wastes compost (PSC) 15.78a
  Bone flour (BF) 11.09ab
  Monopotassium phosphate (MKP) 5.99b
Ca2 PSC 17.04a
  MKP 14.79b
  BF 15.53b
Ca3 PSC 15.31a
  BF 14.70b
  MKP 13.25b
Table 3: Effect of P source at three rates of CaCO3 on dry matter yield of corn tops under greenhouse conditions zTreatments are described in Table 1; yThe values followed with a same letter are not significantly different at P<0.05 according to Waller-Duncan test