S.No Characteristics Results
  Colony morphology Dirty white coloured, large opaque colonies, dull or frosted glass appearance with raised and undulated margin
  Gram staining and shape Positive, Rods
  Endospore Staining and spore location Positive and subterminal
  Motility Positive
  Catalase test Positive
  Indole test Negative
  Nitrate Reduction Positive but delayed
  VP test Positive
  Citrate Positive
  Methyl red Negative
  Sugar Fermentation Glucose Positive
  Lactose Negative
  Maltose Positive
  Mannitol Negative
  Sucrose Positive but delayed
  Arabinose Negative
  Polymyxin B sulphate senstivity Resistant
Table 1: Characterization of ε-caprolactam utilizing GSFC-008 isolate