Code Name Strain Name
Our sample Our- Baciilusendophyticus
GU339236.1 Bacillus endophyticusstrain EH6 16S ribosomalRNA gene, partialsequence (GU339236.1)
BWB15674 Bacillusendophyticusstrain JS-416SribosomalRNAgene,partial sequence (GQ280074.)
BWB16238 Bacillus sp. HJB001 16S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequence (HQ331100.1)
BWB16919 Bacillus sp. OU-A7 16S rRNA gene, strain OU-A7 (FN663624.1)
BWB17312 BacillussubtilisstrainDA716Sribosomal RNAgene,partial sequence (EU000054.1)
BWB17573 Bacilluscereusstrain SS263-3416Sribosomal RNA gene, complete sequence (JX429824.1)
BWB17980 Bacillus thuringiensis 16S ribosomal RNA gene, partial sequence (EU159480.1)
Table 1: The sequences and their accession numbers used in sequence alignment for Bacillus.