Conditions of enzyme activity Enzyme parameters Specific activity (U/mg) 3 h
Metal ion cofactors(1.0 mM) Lead, tin andcadmium 527.8, 305.6 and 194.4
Optimum metal ion cofactor lead  
Range of lead ion concentration tested 0.5-5.0 mM  
Optimum lead ion concentration 1.2 mM 590.7
Range of temperature 10°C-80°C  
Optimum temperature 22°C 482.2
Range of pH 02-Nov  
Optimum pH 3.5 and 8.5 322.2 and 344.4
Substrates Mustard oil, coconut oil,
sunflower oil, olive oil, tributyrin
86.66, 91.11, 71.11, 113.33 and 106.66
Optimum substrate Olive oil 113.33
Rate when olive oil is the substrate Vmax olive oil 144.93U/mg/min
Km when olive oil is the substrate Km olive oil 0.260 mM
Table 1: Characterization of lipase activity from Pseudomonas sp. ADT3.