Technique Type Application Special technique Removal References
In Situ Bioventing Useful for hydrocarbons removal from contaminated site  --- Petroleum [11]
      A blower or s compressor is connected to air supply well and soil gas monitoring well Petroleum [15]
      Air is injected at low flow rate for 15 month Non-fuel hydrocarbonlikeacetone [32]
  Biospaging Indigenous micro
organism are useful in presence of metals
Most efficient
Non Invasive
Hydrocarbon [33]
  Bioaugmentation Useful for soluble chemical Naturally attenuated process, treat
Soil and water.
Remove toxic material
For the treatment of waste water [34]
      bench-scale batch andcontinuous
For waste water treatment [35]
      Use nitrogen as a essential component For waste water treatment [36]
      Use not only indigenous microorganism but also use regular resupplement to microbes For removal of Chlorinated organic [37]
  Land farming Aerobic process and useful for organic material followed by irrigation and tailing Inexpensive , self-heating
Cost efficient, Simple,
    Anaerobic process converts organic solids to humus Low cost Rapid reaction
rate, Inexpensive, self-heating
  Composting   Using White rot fungi Lignin degradation [39]
      Use of cellulase, xylanase, manganese peroxidase, lignin peroxidase and Laccase during composting For the degradation of lignin, cellulose and hemicellulose. [40]
      During composition maintain moisture 75% and pressure under 0.6 bar Compostingof organic materials from municipal solid waste [41]
Table 2: Work done on different methods of bioremediation and its applications.