Figure 2: Kinetic growth of the strain A at different culturing conditions; (a) temperatures. closed diamonds, 20°C; closed squares, 25°C; closed triangle, 25°C; closed circles, 35°C; open triangles, 37°C; open circles, 40°C and open squares, 45°C; (b) ph. closed diamonds, pH 5; closed squares, pH 6; closed triangle, pH 7; closed circles, pH 7.5; open triangles, pH 20 and open squares, pH 10 and (c) glucose concentrations. Closed diamonds, 1 g/l; closed squares, 2 g/l; closed triangle, 5 g/l; closed circles, 7 g/l; open squares, 10 g/l and open triangles, 20 g/l.