Patient Age Sex Race/Country Initial Presentation Anti-AQP4 EDSS Preventative Treatment Outcome
1 49 F Black/Haiti Paraparesis, bilateral ON, Urinary Retention. + 6 Oral steroids Wheelchair bound, legally blind and incontinent to urine.
2 25 F Hispanic/Dominican Republic Unilateral ON and TM + 2 Mycophenolate Mophetyl (initially failed steroids and azathioprine) Fully Functional, mild decrease in visual acuity.
3 25 F African American/US Nausea, vomiting, hyponatremia, progressed to quadriparesis. + 4.5 Azathioprine Requires some assistance with long distances but mostly functional
4 41 F Black/Haiti Severe TM with progressive quadriplegia + 7 Azathioprine wheelchair bound; requires assistance for most of her activities. Residual pseudoatetosis.
5 19 F Black/Haiti TM Paraparesis – sensory loss + 7 Oral Steroids after receiving IVIG and PLEX Bilateral assistance for walking; requires assistance in most of her activities of daily living
6 26 F Black/Granada ON + 6.5 Rituximab (failed repeat steroids and IVIG, PLEX, and azathioprine) Bilateral support and some assistance with her self-care
7 52 F Black/Haiti Hiccup, vomiting, quadriparesis + 10 NA Patient died despite aggressive immune suppressive treatment in the acute phase
8 46 F Hispanic/Mexico Recurrent paraparesis, Urinary Retention + 7.5 Azathioprine Wheelchair bound with some retention of self-care.
9 36 F Black/US Hemiparesis progressed to quadriparesis + 7.5 Azathioprine quadriparetic, requiring assistance in most of her activities of daily living
10 53 F Black/Haiti Paraparesis, Urinary incontinence + 4.0 Oral Steroids Functional in most of his activities
11 12 F Black/Granada Intractable vomiting, hiccups, quadriparesis, diplopia, autonomic instability. + 6.0 Oral steroids+Azathioprine Requires some assistance with ADLs
12 7 F African Diplopia, constipation + 3.5 Oral steroids Mostly fully functional
Table 1: Kings county patients.