Figure 6: Immunohistochemistry and Blood-brain barrier analysis in 6-OHDA lesioned RNU-/- rats. Laser-scanning confocal microscopy images of triple immunostained tissues using antibodies against GFAP (red), AQP4 (blue) and laminin (green) indicate BBB changes between the contralateral (A and B) and 6- OHDA lesioned brain (C and D) in RNU-/- rats. Localized morphological and protein expression changes suggests differences in the interaction between astrocytes and blood vessels 4 weeks post 6-OHDA lesion between the contralateral and ipsilateral side in RNU-/-. Magnification at 100x indicated direct association of astrocytic end-feet on blood vessels (A and B). However, AQP4 immunoreactivity was diminished and not localized to blood vessels (laminin/green) in the lesioned tissue (C and D).