Personal details score
1.What is your name ? 0-3
2.When were you born ? 0-2
3.Who am I? 0-2
Spatial orientation score
4.What country are we in? 0-1
5.In which Italian region are we in? 0-1
6.In which city are we in? 0-1
7.What floor are we at? 0-1
8.Where are you 0-2
Temporal orientation score
9.What year is it? 0-1
10.What season are we in? 0-1
11.What month is it? 0-1
12.What is the date today? 0-1
13.What day of the week is today? 0-1
14.Is it day or night ? 0-2
Table 2: Assessment test of cognitive functions consisting of 14 items, modified version of the Folstein MMSE [32], adapted specially for patients presenting severe AD. An imaginary example of a patient is provided below. Total score, PQ=20 points.