Sexual gametocytes gene Gene ID and Source Location on chromosome Size of coding regions (bp) Protein Initiation of gene expression Function
Pfs16 PF3D7_0406200 PlasmoDB 4 473bp Sexual stage protein Subpopulation of schizonts, early rings and stage I Not well known [19]
Pfs25 PF3D7_1031000 PlasmoDB 10 674bp 25 KDa ookinete surface  antigen precursor Ookinete membrane Start the formation of oocyst and a good target antigen for transmission blocking vaccine [33]
Pfg27 PF3D7_1302100 PlasmoDB 13 654bp Gamete antigen 27/25 Gametocyte cytoplasm Maturation of gametocyte and confirmation of RNA binding [7,12]
Pfs230 PF3D7_0209000 PlasmoDB 2 9408bp 6-cysteine protein Stage II gametocytes The protein help in adherence of gametes to RBCs [42,46]
Pfs48/45 PF13_0247 NCBI 13 1347bp Transmission blocking  target antigen precursor Gametocyte membrane Female macrogametes attach to microgametes with the help of fertile male gametes [22,50]
Pfg377 PF3D7_1250100 PlasmoDB 12 9360bp Osmiophilic bodies protein Osmiophilic bodies and Stage III Formation  of osmiophilic bodies, and egression of female gametes [56]
Table 2: Details of gametocyte specific genes.