Figure 1: A) Identification and fully separation of the cyst from the surrounding liver tissue, intra-abdominal structures and the abdominal wound. B) Aspiration of the cyst from the roof. C & D) Opening a small incision about 2-3 mm to introduce the aspirator into the cyst under complete separation of the surrounding to start repeated aspirate and evacuations process for the cyst contents. E) After complete evacuation of the cyst’s contents, removal of the roof of the cyst at the junction with the liver tissue, using both Mono-polar and Bi-polar diathermy. F) Identification of the floor and close perfect examination to identify any biliary radical connection. G) Cauterization of the floor to completely destroy the inside layer of the cyst. H) The residual cavity of the cyst was packed with the greater omentum (omentoplasty).