Disinfectants Tradename Keys Active Principle Use
Saniquat A Quaternary ammonium Inert surfaces
Rimadet-sr-300 B Chlorine Inert surfaces
Weicoper C Peracetic acid combined with hydrogen peroxide Inert surfaces
Dr Clean D Ethyl alcohol Living surfaces (hands)
Hand-des E Surfactants (triclosan) Living surfaces (hands)
Klinosept-derm F Alcohols with quaternary ammonium compounds Living surfaces (hands)
Rimasan-aq G Glutaric aldehyde Footbaths
Weiquat H Benzyl-c12-c16-alkyl-dimetithyl-ammoniumchloride Footbaths
Rimasan-v I Phosphate Footbaths
Table 1: Disinfectants used to evaluate the efficiency germicidal.