Figure 2: Effect supplementation of a protein-rich liquid diet with free glutamate on postoperative diarrhea. One day following gastrostomy, rats were administered a 2.7mL shot of a liquid diet once per hour for 7 hours. Rats injected with a liquid diet supplemented with 0.5% MSG [●] (Diet G, n=8); rats injected the diet without MSG [○] (Diet C, n=8). Diarrhea was scored every hour for seven hours for each animal (0=normal, 1=slight, 2=moderate, 3=severe). (A): Time course for diarrhea scores; (B): the area under the curve for the diarrhea scores. The data are means ± SE. * p<0.05 (by Mann-Whitney’s U test) Reproduced from Somekawa et al. [36].