Patients characteristics Median Range
Sex ratio (M/F) 0.95 -
Age at diagnosis of ITP (years) 9.6 (0.8-16.5)
Hemorrhage score (Buchanan) at diagnosis 2 (0-4)
Platelet count at diagnosis (G/L) 10 (1-99)
Time from diagnosis to splenectomy (months) 24.0 (1-162)
Age at splenectomy (years)1 12.4 (3.5-17.4)
Number of previous specific treatments2 2 (1-7)
Hemorrhage score (Buchanan) at splenectomy 1 (0–5)
Minimal platelet count before splenectomy (G/L) 4 (1-27)
13 children (4%) were between 3 and 5 years old at the time of splenectomy 2All the children had received at least one specific platelet-enhancing treatment before splenectomy: first-line treatment: IVIg (median 8 courses, 1 to 96) (n=75) and / or steroids (n=74), second-line treatment (n=29): rituximab (n=11), anti-D (n=10), hydroxychloroquine (n=6), vinblastine (n=5), cyclosporine (n=5), azathioprine (n=3), mycophenolate mofetil (n=3), dapsone (n=2), eradication of H. Pylori (n=2), colchicine (n=1), interferon alpha (n=2).
Table 1: Characteristics of 78 patients before splenectomy for ITP.