Industries Action Application
Detergents industry Hydrolysis of fats Remove oil strain from fabrics
Food industry Flavour improvement, Aroma, quality improvement, Transesterification, Hydrolysis of fats, modification of butter fat Shelf-life prolongation, Fat removal, Whippings, health foods
Chemical industry Transesterification, Hydrolysis, Enantioselectivity, Synthesis. Chiral building blocks, Triacylglycerides to mono- and diglycerides, Cosmetics, digestive aids
Leather industry Softening, Quality improvement Tanning
Pulp and paper industry Hydrolysis Improve Quality
Cleaning Hydrolysis Removal of fats
Bioconversion Hydrolysis Aqueous media
Organic media
Biomedical Treatment Pharmaceutical
Table 3: Industrial application of Lipase [27]