Figure 1: SERS of A) 1 mg/mL i) ATYPLPIRC peptide specific to B. anthracis functionalized in a SER-active capillary and ii) cysteine in a SER-active capillary. B) 100 μg/mL DPA added to SER-active capillaries treated with i) 5, ii) 10, and iii) 50 μg/mL peptide. Sample conditions: 0.5 hr peptide reaction time, DPA measured immediately. Spectral conditions: 75 mW of 785 nm laser excitation, 9 min acquisition (nine 1-min points along capillary averaged), 8 cm-1 resolution using RTA’s FT-Raman analyzer. Spectra are displayed on the same intensity scale, but offset for clarity.