Figure 5: Chromatograms of disaccharides. Chromatograms for disaccharides of KS 1 and 2 (digested bovine cornea), ΔDiHS-NS, ΔDiHS-0S, ΔDiHS-6S, ΔDi- 4S (DS), ΔDi-6S (C6S), and chondrosine (IS). Polymer KS was separated with mono-sulfated KS [KS1: Galβ 1-4GlcNAc(6S)] and di-sulfated KS [KS2: Gal(6S)β 1- 4GlcNAc(6S)] after digestion by keratanase II. Equipment: 6460 Triple Quad MS/MS with 1260 infinity LC (Agilent Technologies). IS: Internal Standard.
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