ApoF: LD group 1: ss142463324*
  LD group 2: rs34934555*
LIPC: LD group 1: rs1077835, rs1077834, rs1800588*, rs2070895
  LD group 2: rs6082*, rs3829462, rs3829461*
  LD group 3: rs6083, rs6084*, rs6074*
  LD group 4: rs6078*
  LD group 5: rs36041167*
  LD group 6: rs35588604*
  LD group 7: rs6082*, ss142463322*
  LD group 8: rs690*
  LD group 9: rs35511894*
LPL: LD group 1: rs248*, rs316*, rs4922115
  LD group 2: ss142463328*, rs1800590*, rs1801177
  LD group 3: ss142463330, ss142463332*
  LD group 4: rs11570897*, rs11570891*
SCARB1: LD group 1: rs5889*, rs5888*
  LD group 2: rs61932577*, rs5888*
  LD group 3: rs5891*, rs5888*
  LD group 4: rs4238001*
  There were 5 SNPs in SCARB1 with low MAF that were excluded as not helpful: ss142463311, ss142463314, ss142463316, ss142463318, ss142463320
LCAT: LD group 1: rs4986970*
  LD group 2: ss142463326*
  LD group 3: rs5923*
CETP: LD group 1: rs289715*, rs289718, rs289719*, rs1800774*, rs5882, rs289741, rs289742, rs289743, rs289744
  LD group 2: rs1800775, rs708272*, rs1532625, rs11076175*, rs158477, rs291044*, rs1800774*
  LD group 3: rs1800776*, rs11076175*, rs11076176, rs289714, rs158477, rs291044*, rs1800774*
  LD group 4: rs5880*, rs1800777
  LD group 5: rs158477, rs289715*, rs12720889, rs1801706*, rs289742
  LD group 6: rs1800776*, rs289745
  LD group 7: rs5883*, rs12720917
*tagging SNP
Table 3: Linkage groups and tagging SNPs for the variants discovered by scanning in the 6 lipid-related genes.