Acquisition Analysis
Liver T2* measurement from multiecho gradient echo acquisition in an abdominal transverse plane Measure of total body iron
Sagittal in-plane velocity-encoded cine through the descending thoracic aorta Measure of iron stores
3D carotid time of flight scan (TOF) Localize sections through CCA, proximal ICA and mid ICA
Carotid artery wall T2* measurement Prescribed at 3 carotid locations on right and 3 locations on left defined from TOF
High temporal resolution cine through bilateral common carotid arteries Carotid artery distensibility
3D noncontrast T1W-TSE carotid MRA Vessel wall volume measurement
NOTES: CCA=common carotid artery, ICA=internal carotid artery, T1W-TSE=T1- weighted turbo spin echo, MRA=magnetic resonance angiogram
Table 2: MRI Protocol.