E/A and E’/A’
Mitral and Tricuspid
*RVDD +LVDD(138)
**LVCG Group
RVDD & No LVDD (30)
Control Group
Mitral E/A
Mitral E’/A’
1.44±0.03  p<0.02
1.36±0.03  p<0.01
Tricuspid E/A
Tricuspid E’/A’
0.69±0.02  p<0.001
0.63±0.06  p<0.05
E Early filling velocity, A-Atrial Filling velocity
E’ Early filling by Tissue Doppler Imaging, A’-Atrial filling by tissue Doppler Imaging
E/A <0.75 suggestive of Diastolic dysfunction
*Higher prevalence of Biventricular diastolic dysfunction in LVCG
** LVCG: Left Ventricular concentric Geometry
Table 2: Trans valvular Flow Velocities and Tissue Doppler Imaging data.