Figure 3: Chromatographic and electrophoretic separation of plasma lipoproteins. (Panel A) Plasma samples from control, LPS and LPS+4F rats were collected and separated by column chromatography. A representative chromatographic profile of plasma VLDL (V), LDL (L) and HDL (H) cholesterol are shown for each group. (Panel B) Peak areas for each lipoprotein were derived from chromatographic profiles of control (n=5), LPS (n=5) and LPS+4F (n=5) rats. The plasma concentration for each lipoprotein was then calculated as a percentage of total plasma cholesterol. Data are means � SEM. (Panel C) Plasma samples were separated on an agarose gel by charge. Bands were then transferred to nitrocellulose membranes for apoA-I immunoblotting. The electrophoretic mobility of HDL was reduced in samples from LPS rats compared to vehicle control and LPS+4F treatment.