Framingham Risk Score parameters LVEF% WMSI EDV,mL ESV,mL Infarct size core, % Infarct size peri, % Infarct size total, % Trans-mural extent
Male sex p=0.13 p=0.27 p=0.000 p=0.000 p=0.28 p=0.48 p=0.34 p=0.26
Age r=-0.25; p=0.23 r=0.10; p=0.63 r=0.16; p=0.45 r=0.22; p=0.29 r=-0.13; p=0.55 r=-0.11; p=0.60 r=-0.13; p=0.55 r=-0.19; p=0.36
Total cholesterol r=-0.29; p=0.16 r=0.17; p=0.41 r=0.14; p=0.50 r=0.20; p=0.34 r=-0.13; p=0.54 r=0.16; p=0.45 r=0.16; p=0.45 r=0.26; p=0.20
HDL-cholesterol, mmol/l r=-0.07; p=0.73 r=0.18; p=0.38 r=-0.11; p=0.60 r=-0.04; p=0.84 r=-0.10; p=0.96 r=-0.02; p=0.92 r=-0.02; p=0.94 r=-0.06; p=0.77
Systolic blood pressure, mmHg Diabetes Mellitus r=-0.19; p=0.36 p=0.73 r=0.20; p=0.33 p=0.59 r=0.20; p=0.35 p=0.91 r=0.20; p=0.35 p=0.99 r=-0.33; p=0.53 p=0.41 r=-0.22; p=0.30 p=0.37 r=-0.19; p=0.36 p=0.36 r=-0.13; p=0.55 p=0.96
Current smoking p=0.58 p=0.76 p=0.77 p=0.56 p=0.10 p=0.09 p=0.09 p=0.04
LV hypertrophy on ECG NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA
Table 2: Correlations between individual risk factors versus parameters of LV remodeling and infarct tissue characteristics. HDL=high density lipoprotein,
ECG=electrocardiogram, LVEF=left ventricular ejection fraction, WMSI=wall motion score index, EDV=end-diastolic volume, ESV=end-systolic volume., NA=not applicable.