Figure 1: Identification of mDCs and pDCs in the circulation by flow-cytometry. Whole peripheral leukocytes were gated based on their forward and side scatter (R1 region) (a) and lineage-negative (Lin -) cells were selected in R2 region (b). The cells in R1 and R2 were further analyzed for the expression of CD11c (c, e, g) and CD123 (d, f, h). Myeloid DCs and pDCs were defined as Lin-HLA-DR+CD11c+ and Lin-HLA-DR+CD123+cells, respectively. Representative profiles of the circulating DCs subsets of healthy control (c, d), patients with Kawasaki disease (e, f), and febrile control (g, h) are shown. Note the significantly decreased number of circulating mDCs in patients with Kawasaki disease.