All DCs Myeloid DC Plasmacytoid DC
IL-1β Ns. Ns. Ns.
IL-6 R=-0.50, p=0.01 R = -0.46, p=0.003 R = -0.36, p=0.03
IL-8 Ns. R = -0.34, p=0.03 Ns.
IL-10 R=-0.44, p=0.03 R = -0.41, p=0.01 R = -0.34, p=0.03
IL-12p70 Ns. Ns. Ns.
TNF-α Ns. Ns. Ns.
DC: Dendritic cell; IL: Interleukin; Ns: No significant difference; TNF-α: Tumor necrosis factor-α
Table 2: Correlation between cytokines and number of myeloid DC as well as plasmacytoidDC in acute phase of Kawasaki disease.