Figure 2: Representative histological findings of evaluation of epicardial vessels after infarction (MI) in rats treated with M-2 (hematoxylin and eozine – stained). (A) Control specimens of the sham-operated heart, (B) Control 0.4% DMSO water solution at 28th day after MI, (C) M-2 from 11 to 28 day, (D) M-2 from 11 to 35 day, (E) M-2 from 11 to 35 day, (F) M-2 from 6 to 35 day (scanned with 20x objective, bar represents 50 μm).
A. Left ventricular myocardium covered by fibrous tissue with single thin-walled vessels.
B. Loose fibrous tissue contains some narrow young vessels, large stimulated fibroblasts and few inflammatory cells. Similar vessels were seen after DMSO administration at 35th day after MI.
C. Thick-walled young capillary vessels were seen between fibroblasts inside young loose connective tissue.
D. Thick-walled young capillary vessels containing endothelial cells with abundant cytoplasm were characteristic inside loose epicardial tissue in this group.
E. More differentiated capillary vessels with scanty cytoplasm and young capillaries with concomitant inflammatory and mast cells.
F. Large young vessels (probably sinusoids) and numerous differentiated small capillaries and maturated fibroblasts. Few inflammatory cells.