Criterion Features
Gurd and Wilson (FES=1 Major+1 Minor+Fatmicroglulinemia) Major Criteria
Respiratory insufficiency
Cerebral involvement
Petechial rash Minor criteria
Retinal changes
Renal changes (anuria or oliguria)
Thrombocytopenia ( a drop of >50% of the admission thrombocyte value)
High erythrocyte sedimentation rate
Fat microglobulinemia
  Fat Metabolism index (FES=5 or more) Diffuse petechiae (5 points)
Alveolar infiltrates (4 points)
Hypoxemia (<70 mm of Hg) (3 points)
Confusion (1 points)
Fever 38 ®C
Heart rate >120 per minute
Respiratory rate >30 per minute
Lindeque criteria (FES=femur fracture ± tibia fracture+1 feature) A sustained PaO2 <60mm Hg
A sustained PaO2 >55 mm Hg or pH >7.3
A sustainedrespiratory rate >35/min even after adequatesedation
Increased work of breathing judged by dyspnea, use of accessory muscle, tachycardia and anxiety.
Table 1: Three criteria to define Fat embolism syndrome [2]