Figure 5: Artery with Both Diffuse and Sharp Borders Related to the Intima and Not the Core. In the same plaque, areas with a low intimal scattering had a sharp intimal-core border while areas with a highly scattering intima had a diffuse boundary whether over lipid core or the media. The yellow arrows demonstrate the caplipid interface that is diffuse and covered by a highly scattering intima (yellow reflections in intima). The white arrow, which is also over lipid, identifies a cap with lower scattering, and the intimallipid interface is sharply defined. Both are over the same lipid collection. Finally, the black arrow shows the intimal-elastic layer interface (no core present) that is diffuse with an intima that is highly scattering. This is consistent with scattering theory, but is also instructive because one core contains both diffuse and sharp borders in the same plaque.