Country Endpoint Number of patients Planned to enroll Design Randomization between two distinct PCI strategies Delay for the full revascularization NCT number
Spain Clinical composite endpoint 400 Randomization
1) Full revascularization in a staged procedure during the index admission
2) Stress echocardiography and revascularization if required
1) During the initial hospitalization
2) Delayed (delay not provided)
Denmark Clinical composite endpoint 650 Randomization
1) Full revascularization guided by Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) in a separate procedure within the index hospitalization
2) Culprit lesion revascularization only
1) During the initial hospitalization
2) Not applicable
Korea target vessel related major adverse cardiac events 646 Randomization
1) Complete revascularization : one time
2) Culprit revascularization : PCI of only the culprit lesion and staged nonculprit PCI at a later date 
Immediate full revascularization versus later (delay not provided) NCT01180218
Canada Infarct size by CMR 250 Randomization
1) Full revascularization during the index PCI
2) IRA only PCI with planned staging for non-IRA lesions
1) Immediate
2) Delayed (delay not detailed)
International Clinical composite endpoint 885 Randomization
1) Full revascularization guided by FFR
2) Evaluation by FFR and referred to the cardiologist for further management
1) Same procedure (or delayed if necessary)
2) Delayed if any (delay not provided)
Russia Clinical composite endpoint 120 Randomized
1) one-time PCI of the culprit and nonculprit lesions
2) PCI of only the culprit lesion and staged nonculprit PCI at a later date (3-15 days)
With Zotarolimus-eluting coronary stents
1) One time
2) 3-15 days
Czech Republic Clinical composite endpoint 400 Randomized
1) complete revascularization of significant stenoses of "non-infarct" coronary arteries (PCI or surgery; 3rd-40th day after primary PCI)
2) conservative management
standard guideline-based medical therapy
1) Day 3-40
2) Not applicable
Germany 30-day mortality and/or severe renal failure
(Only patients with cardiogenic shock are included)
706 Randomization
1) immediate full revascularization
2) culprit lesion only and other revascularization later following guidelines
1)  Immediate
2 ) Delayed (delay not provided)
Table 3: Prospective randomized clinical trials currently registered dealing with STEMI and various PCI strategies for the management of patients with multiple vessel disease.