Figure 5: Serum total cholesterol levels were decreased in hypercholesterolemic humans who were administered NS-5 mixture or its individual component plus AHA Step-1 diet, but not in freeliving normal cholesterolemic humans receiving NS-5 mixture or its components: Columns 1-4 represent subjects of group # 1 of normal cholesterolemic humans were administered one capsule of 250 mg/d of NS-5 mixture, or resveratrol, or quercetin, or δ-tocotrienol to normal cholesterolemic participants for four weeks. The columns 5-8 represent group # 2 of hypercholesterolemic participants were transferred to AHA Step-1 diet plus one capsule of 250 mg/d of NS-5 mixture or resveratrol, or quercetin or δ-tocotrienol for four weeks. Data are means ± SD (standard deviation). Percentages were compared to pre-dose vs post-dose of each treatment is above the column. Values in a column not sharing a common symbol are significantly different of various groups at ¶, § P < 0.01.