Figure 5: The changes of TGFβ1 in the myocardium of each group rats. (A) Immunohistochemical sections of the ischemic myocardium 15 days after AMI. Brownish yellow color was the positive reaction of TGFβ1 located in the cytoplasm of myocardial cells. (B) The protein expression of the VEGF in the ischemic myocardium was determined by immunohistochemical staining(n=5). **P< 0.01 vs. Sham group; ▲▲P< 0.0 1 v s . AMI group. (C) The correlation analysis of TG F β 1 expression and capillary density in the myocardium showed that the correlation coefficient between TGFβ1 levels and capillary density was 0.837, P< 0.01.