Patient 1
Diagnosis DORV/criss-cross heart, TGA, pulmonary atresia, hypoplastic right ventricle, VSD
Nov. 2009 cardiac catheterization
Nov. 2009 Norwood/Sano
Feb. 2010 cardiac catheterization
Feb. 2010 bidirectional Glenn
Nov. 2010 cardiac catheterization
Nov. 2010 fenestrated Fortan, lateral tunnel
Patient 2
Diagnosis hypoplastic left heart syndrome, mitral and aortic atresia
July. 2008 Norwood/Sano
Nov. 2008 Sano conduit change
Nov. 2008 ECMO/RSV infection
Mar. 2009 cardiac catheterization
Mar. 2008 bidirectional Glenn
Oct. 2012 cardiac catheterization
Oct. 2012 fenestrated Fortan, lateral tunnel
Table 1: Diagnosis and heparin exposure during diagnostic and surgical procedures.