* Values in parentheses following each antipsychotic drug name are numbers of incident sudden cardiac death/ventricular arrhythmia events occurring during persontime of exposure to the given drug (i.e., N events); a double asterisk (**) has replaced each N-value ≤ 10, in accordance with CMS privacy policies. Pimozide and loxapine were excluded from the figure, as neither group had any events in very limited person-time (137 and 377 person-years, respectively)
† The color-shading is reflective of CredibleMeds ratings of drugs’ QT-prolonging/TdP-inducing potentials, and is consistent with their coloring scheme: a) red = drugs with a risk of TdP; b) pink = drugs with a possible risk of TdP; and c) not shaded = drugs not rated. Of note, olanzapine was transitioned from a non-rated drug to a drug with possible risk (i.e., pink) on 01/04/2013
Figure 1: Crude incidence rates of sudden cardiac death/ventricular arrhythmia (N = 747 events) among antipsychotics users, by drug*,†