Patients N=120                 Controls N=120
Genotypes African American N=35, +(%)     Caucasian N=85, +(%) African American N=77, +(%)    Caucasian N=43, +(%)
  CC       31(88.6)          64(75.3)           63(81.8)         31(72.1)
  CT        4(11.4)        20(23.5)a        14(18.2)       10(23.3)
  TTb            0         1(1.2)          0       2(4.6)
a: CT genotype was 2.1-fold increase in Caucasian patients vs. African American but was not statistically significant. b: TT genotype was absent in African American patients and controls in this study, it was present with a low frequency among Caucasian patients and healthy controls.
Table 1: Genotype frequency distribution of AIF-1 polymorphisms in transplant patients and healthy controls