Figure 1: Tdgf1 transcript expression in WT and Nkx2-5 null cardiac progenitor cells. (A) Selected transcripts that were significantly dysregulated at defined developmental stages in the Nkx2-5 null background compared to the age-matched WT cardiac progenitor cells. Note the statistically significant downregulation of Tdgf1. (B) EYFP is directed to the cardiac progenitor cells in the 6kbNkx2-5-EYFP:Nkx2-5-WT and 6kbNkx2-5-EYFP:Nkx2-5- KO littermates at E7.75. Note that the WT and Nkx2-5 mutant embryos are indistinguishable at E7.75. Individual EYFP positive embryos are dissociated and sorted using flow cytometry to collect EYFP positive and negative cells, respectively. RNA is isolated, amplified and qRT-PCR performed from EYFP positive cells of age matched Nkx2-5-WT and Nkx2-5-KO littermates. (C) qRT-PCR of Tdgf1 in WT (open bar) and null (black bar) cardiac progenitors of the cardiac crescent confirming decreased Tdgf1 transcript expression in the Nkx2-5-KO cardiac progenitors vs. the Nkx2-5-WT controls.