Tarlov scale–Function
0     No movement
1     Slight perceivable movement, without counterweight movement.
2     Frequent and vigorous movement without counterweight movement.
3     Supports weight, 1 or 2 steps
4     Takes steps with medium deficiency
5     Normal but slow gait
6     Fast gait without deficiency
Score–Degree of Tissue Ischemia
0     Auto-amputation>half of lower limb
1     Gangrenous tissue>half of distal foot
2     Gangrenous tissue<half of the distal limb, with muscular necrosis of the limb
3     Gangrenous tissue<half the distal limb, without muscular necrosis
4     Paleness of the distal limb or alterations suggesting ischemia
5     Normal
Modified Ischemia Score
0     Auto-amputation of the lower limb
1     Necrosis of the lower limb
2     Necrosis of the distal limb
3     Discoloration of two or more claws
4     Discoloration of one claw
5     Discoloration of two or more paws
6     Discoloration of one paw
7     No necrosis
Table 1: Parameters evaluated in the Tarlov scale, degree of tissue ischemia, modified ischemia.