Presenting complaint             1st troponin 2nd troponin Final diagnosis ACS started?
Abdominal pain Negative N/A Gastroenteritis NO
Right arm pain Negative N/A Off legs NO
Reduced mobility Negative N/A Orthostatic hypotension NO
Collapse Negative N/A Postural hypotension NO
Collapse 0.45 N/A Subarachnoid haemorrhage NO
Vomiting Negative N/A Large intracranial bleed NO
Headache Negative N/A Headache NO
Slurred speech Negative N/A Renal failure NO
Right sided weakness Negative N/A Atrial fibrillation NO
Fall 0.21 1.52 Mechanical fall YES
Fall Negative N/A Fractured left neck of femur NO
Breathlessness 0.54 N/A Chest infection NO
Collapse 0.19 0.96 Dehydration NO
Palpitations and dizziness Negative N/A Palpitations NO
Fall Negative N/A Mechanical fall NO
Collapse 0.39 0.54 Dehydration YES
Collapse 0.07 0.12 Aortic dissection NO
Epigastric pain 0.06 0.04 Urinary retention YES
Breathlessness Negative N/A Chronic bronchitis NO
Collapse 0.37 0.4 Severe asthma NO
Generally unwell Negative N/A Alcohol withdrawal NO
Epigastric pain Negative Negative Biliary colic NO
Table 3: Inappropriate troponin tests in 22 patients on two 24- audit days (First Cycle). A negative test corresponds to normal values i.e. Troponin< 0.04.