Figure 14: The most frequent coronary artery patterns seen in TGA with approximate prevalence. A – Usual pattern with the LCA from the left facing sinus and the RCA from the posterior and rightward facing sinus. B – Origin of the circumflex artery (LCx) from the RCA. C – Single RCA from the posterior facing sinus. D – Single LCA from the left facing sinus. E –Inverted arteries (note that this pattern is similar to the normal heart) F – Inverted RCA and LCx. G – Intramural LCA. H – Intramural RCA. The intramural CA in TGA usually arises from the opposite facing sinus and passes within the wall of the aorta before exiting the adventitia. The arteries share a media and do not have separate adventitia. (Reproduced from Geva et al. [8] with permission).