Figure 24: MRI cine SSFP images in a patient after a Senning atrial switch operation. A - Right ventricular (RV) 2 - chamber view showing the two parts of the pulmonary venous atrium (PVA, PV) separated by the systemic venous atrium (*). The arrowhead indicates a baffle leak, a break in the interatrial baffle, allowing communication between the systemic and pulmonary venous atria. B - A 4 - chamber view in the plane indicated by the black dashed line in A. The connection (#) between the components of the pulmonary venous atrium (PV) that receives the pulmonary veins (RPV, LPV) and the supra - tricuspid portion (PVA) is seen in this view. (Reprinted from Valente et al. [11] with permission).