Year of Inception Surgeon Effect on Tricuspid Valve Valve Coaptation Effect on Atrial Size Effect on Functional RV
1958   Hunter and Lillehei [49] Valve is brought to anatomic annulus by transverse plication of atrializedRV Anterior and posterior leaflets function as bicuspid valve Reduced No effect
1972 Danielson [46]   Valve is repaired or replaced at level of functional annulus (high need for TVR[179]) Anterior leaflet functions as monocusp Reduced
(transverse plication of atrialized RV
No effect
1980 Carpentier [47]   Valve is brought to the anatomic  annulus (anterior/posterior leaflets detached, annular ring) Coaptation between leaflets and ventricular septum Reduced
(longitudinal plication of atrialized RV)
1989 Da Silva [48] Valve is brought to anatomic annulus Coaptation between leaflets Reduced Increased
RV – right ventricle; TVR – tricuspid valve replacement
Table 1: Surgical Strategies Employed in the Surgical Repair of Ebstein Anomaly.