A: Reconstructed MR angiography of a patient with tricuspid atresia after completion of a total cavo pulmonary connection (TCPC). An extracardiac conduit (CO) connects the IVC to the right pulmonary artery (RPA), while the SVC is anastomosed directly to the RPA (Glenn anastomosis).
B-D: 4D-Flow measurement of the Fontan tunnel and Glenn anstomosis (anterior (B), lateral (C) and posterior (D) views). Blood flow dynamics are visualized by vectors and blood from the IVC flows preferentially into the RPA (yellow), while the SVC drains into the LPA (blue). AO= aorta; LPA= left pulmonary artery, SVC/ IVC= superior/ inferior caval vein. (B to D: courtesy of Prof. Michael Markl, Director Cardiovascular MR Research, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL, USA).
Figure 5: Fontan/ TCPC.