Figure 2: Images obtained from a 35 week fetus with gastroschisis and postnatal coarctation. The only cardiac finding before birth was a) a discrepancy in the aortic and ductal arches shown in a cross-sectional view through the fetal chest and b) mild transverse and distal arch hypoplasia. With ductus arteriosus constriction after birth there was progressive severe discrete distal arch obstruction with c) a very small lumen (arrow) and high velocity continuous flow by d) color and e) CW Doppler (systolic gradient 64mmHg) prompting surgical intervention. AO-aortic, DAo-descending aorta, RBCA-right brachiocephalic artery, LCCA-left common carotid artery, TAA-transverse aortic arch, AAoascending aorta, DAo-descending aorta.