Figure 1: Characterization of T cells specific for the EDDR1 derived HLA-A2 restricted p15 epitope from healthy donors: PBMC from two healthy HLA-A2+ donors were in vitro stimulated with synthetic peptides corresponding to the EDDR1 derived HLA-A2 restricted p15 epitope (FLAEDALNTV). These cells were tested in an overnight ELISpot assay using T2 cells loaded with the p15 synthetic peptide, normal liver cell suspensions obtained from a HLA-A2+ healthy donor tissue (with or without exogenously provided p15 peptide) and HLA-A2+ cancer cells lines [ovarian cancer cell lines SKOV3-A2 and OVCAR3, breast cancer cell lines MDA-MB231 and MCF7 and a prostate cancer cell line LNCaP]. Interferon-γ producing cells were quantitated using Immunospot reader. Error bars represent SEM of experimental replicates.