Figure 4: Neointimal Indices (NI) of cardiac allografts from adoptive transfer experiments. (A) Adotpive transfer of allochimeric class I MHC (CsA+P) conditioned total T cell or CD4+ T cells resulted in decreased neointimal hyperplasia. Five animals from each experimental group and five sections from each animal were analyzed. NI was calculated by averaging the degree of neointimal hyperplasia in 8 separate coronary vessels having a minimum diameter of 85μm. (B&C) VVG staining of secondary allografts exposed to CsA+P - or CsA - conditioned total T cells. (B) Cardiac allograft tissue from recipients that received 107 total T lymphocytes conditioned with allochimeric protein (CsA+P) showed minimal neointimal hyperplasia when observed at 100 days compared to (C) grafts exposed to total T cells conditioned with CsA alone (30% vs 54.5%, p<0.05). (D & E) Secondary allografts that had been exposed to CsA+P or CsA conditioned CD4+ T cells. (D) Allografts from animals treated with CD4+ T cells isolated from CsA+P conditioned host show significant reduction of NI in comparison to (E) grafts from animals exposed to CsA conditioned CD4+ T cells (28.2% vs. 50.5%, p<0.05). (C&E) Black arrows point to almost complete occlusion of vessel in grafts from animal exposed to CsA conditioned total T cells or CD4+ T cells. Standard error was calculated in Excel using formula STDEV(range) / SQRT(COUNT(range)) and plotted using Sigma plot. Bar is equal to 50μm.