Figure 2: Highly active retroviral therapy (HAART) of p24 Ag from HIV virus is engineered with TLR 3 and encapsulated to form microcapsule. This formulation results in increased production of chemokines. When this preparation is supplemented along with HAART, the fold of T cells doubled which is the positive response in HIV patients. When HIV epitope peptide is coupled with TLR2/6, TLR 3, TLR 9 the avidity of Ag is increased. Viral infection leads to IFN-1 release by APCs. As a result NK cells get activated to lyse the viral infected cells. Mean while clonal expansion of CD4+ and CD8+ cells takes place to combat the infection. Advantage of this TLR mediated vaccine is the level of IFN-1 which is shown to be elevated after the treatment. Use of magnetic nanoparticle core [MnO] with incorporation of CpG ODN using phosphoramidite enables trafficking of TLR nanoparticles. Photodection is enabled by introducing rhodamine into polymer chain. Location of magnetic nanoparticle with rhodamine can be visualised by MRI. The dual role of imaging and eliciting immunity is the catch of this technique.