TLR type


TLR 1+ TLR 6

Recognises triacyl peptides [11]. Decreases infection related morbidity and mortality. Necessary for good vaccine response [92].

TLR2 in complex with TLR1 or TLR6

Lipoproteins and lipopeptides recognition [12,25]


Viral double-stranded RNA recognition and trigger apoptosis directly [13].


Lipopolysaccharide recognition [15]
Germinal centre formation, Ig maturation [93], Neuroinflammation and brain damage [94].


Flagellin recognition [30]
Protect the intestine from commensal bacteria [95]

TLR7 or TLR8

Single-stranded RNA recognition [17]
Chemoresistance [96].


Microbial DNA recognition [18]

TLR 10

Only human TLR without any agonist or function [97].

TLR 11

Preventing infection to internal organs of urinogenital system [20].

TLR 12

Unknown [21]

TLR 13

Unknown  [21]

Table 1: Functions of various TLRs.